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Brian Watts – Graphic Designer

Whatever your design ideas are,
I am proud to help make them a reality!

I'm Brian and I live and work here in the Kansas City area as a freelance graphic designer. I specialize in helping small business clients with their design needs: from catalogs and brochures to logos and websites. From book jackets and business cards to postcards and t-shirts, I like to create unique promotional and marketing designs that work for my clients and reflect who they are.

Kansas City Area Graphic Designer Working For You

Whether you are looking for a new logo or a whole new website to brand your business, I can help you bring it all together. Even if all you have is a notion of what you want your design to look like, I would love to help bring it to life for you.  We will work together to brainstorm ideas and turn our ideas into a real design. You will love your project on the printed page or glowing on your high resolution device!

About Me

I am a web/graphic designer from Kearney, MO, located just north of Kansas City. I do graphic design and web design work for clients around the metropolitan area.  Everyday is different in graphic design and that's what I love about it!


I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management from Northwest Missouri State University and a Associate of Applied Science Degree with honors in Web Graphic Design from DeVry University.  I am skilled in most of the Adobe Suite applications including: Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Audition and Muse. I also have experience with WordPress. I have several years of experience as a professional Web/Graphic Designer working for companies directly as well as freelancing.


In my spare time I'm a musician. I'm mostly a bass guitar player but I can also play double bass and guitar. I've performed with many different ensembles and in many different styles of music.  Also as you may have guessed, I enjoy graphic design. I like to create posters, social media banners, and logos for my music groups.

Brian Watts and 2002 Chevrolet Camaro z28

My Design Philosophy

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Your next project might be just a notion floating around in your mind, and I would be proud to help move it from thought to reality. I can help you with web sites, logos, stationary, catalogs, posters, packaging, business cards, banners, social media, t-shirts, branding and any other brainstorms you have.


I became a graphic designer because I’ve always liked using images and typography to make information look like art. You should know that my purpose when working for you is to create what you envision your project should be. The design I do is focused on your needs and I will put all my creative powers into turning your ideas into a professional design!


There's nothing as satisfying as seeing an idea you had come to life before your eyes! This is why I love designing. I love seeing my ideas take shape in front of me and the finished product printed or published. You will love your logo printed on a crisp business card. You will love seeing your idea packaged neatly around your product. You will love seeing your website glowing on a high resolution monitor. Whatever your design ideas are, I am proud to help make them a reality!

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